Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition

Trauma Healing and Creative Arts Coalition is a new initiative that aims to promote and facilitate reconciliation and peace in post-war contexts, through trauma healing and resource based life enhancing resilience strategies on an individual and collective level.

Large numbers of people from areas of armed conflict and migrants who have suffered traumatic experiences as a consequences of living in areas of conflict. Trauma has negative implications for their personal well-being, their health and also limits their ability to integrate into society, has a negative impact on their families and their work. The influence of trauma on people results in disappointment and frustration on an individual level and a societal level and affects programmes designed to aid fostering, reconciliation, rehabilitation, peace and reconstruction.

THAC aims at bringing together local organisations to implement and develop diverse methods of trauma work and of strengthening personal and collective resilience.

The initiative seeks a holistic approach. People who go about their daily work will be supported and strengthened. Using methods of trauma work, on the psychological and physical level, as well as creativity and art therapy are used. Curiosity, creativity and personal development approaches foster and facilitate the overcoming of personal trauma and are profoundly life-giving. Moreover, the people concerned can be trained in life skills, e.g. nonviolent methods, basic rights, etc., and thus be supported in their economic integration and social rehabilitation. 

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