Pianist and sound artist Belle Chen on BBC The Arts Hour

Pianist and sound artist Belle Chen, an Australian-Taiwanese artist based in London, is a classically trained pianist with technical chops and musical knowledge whose music is outside of genre. Not afraid of breaking the parameters, Belle’s music is heavily influenced by her passion for travel and she uses music as a tool to communicate and recreate a specific real-life moment or location. She does this through the use of sound design, multi-tracking, improvising into and out of pieces, and using piano parts to recreate sounds of traditional instruments such as gongs, bells, cajon and guitar.

Handpicked by Brian Eno as the one to watch, Belle’s unique immersive performances and creativity were recognised at this year’s Classical:NEXT (she was the first Australian to perform at the conference) and by the Royal Academy of Music where she elected as Associate for her significant contribution to the music profession.

You can hear her on BBC World Service The Arts Hour (8/9/18): The Arts Hour